finding your voice

Giving you keys to improve your singing

Memorising Lyrics

Memorising Lyrics is one part of the learning a song process we have to go through as singers. Here are some of my tips I’ve used over the years to help with lyric learning. 1. Knowing what the song is about and your emotional interpretation is always the first starting point. It is shocking how

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The Creative Bubble

One of the questions I get asked most from singing students who are songwriting is about the process. What works?  what are the methods? It’s a long discussion that we have, but the one thing of most importance is the idea of your own creative bubble. There is nothing more important to an artist than

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Periods and Singing

Let’s talk about periods and singing

Did you know premenstrual vocal syndrome is a real thing and can have a serious impact on all women singers? We’re still not great at talking about our periods in public and the impact it has on our singing and performance. First of all, it’s a perfectly natural occurrence for women during their reproductive years.

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Victoria Bourne vocalist

Free Your Voice

In our crazy Covid-19 world many of us feel we are losing ourselves and our voices. We stop ourselves from doing the things that bring us joy because they are harder to access. You may feel inhibited at home where you can’t sing at full volume. Try singing with headphones on. This cuts out outside

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