Victoria is a fantastic vocal coach, In one lesson she gave me the confidence I  had lacked all my life to sing. 

Zoe, Bristol 


Victoria certainly set me on the right path vocally, for which I'm eternally grateful! I was finally able to do the piece justice and have discovered how important belcanto style is in providing a sound technical basis.  

Caroline, Devon 


I've noticed an improvement in my voice and credit our amazing coach Victoria for this.  I hope to sing with these lovely people for a very long time. 

Shari, Bristol 


'I joined the choir having not sung before and have enjoyed every week since enormously with confidence growing every concert. Victoria makes it a lot of fun while still pushing our skills each term and it's still really open to anyone new. Completely recommend it!' 

Neill, Bristol 

I never thought I could sing but thought I would give it a go and have never looked back.  

Chris, Bristol 

Victoria is great fun, she really knows her stuff and teaches us with such passion that I really look forward to going every week - and I've never been someone who joins clubs.     

Barbara, Bristol